Redway Power Battery Exhibition was Successfully Held

Redway Power features 27 automatic production lines, more than 50 R&D personnel, and more than 200 staff spread across a 78,667㎡ area. Redway Power is simultaneously enhancing its energy structure and implementing green energy and lithium battery recycling materials to achieve sustainable green development. Redway Power realizes the coordinated growth of economic and social benefits, constructs a green supply chain of the circular economy, implements a recycling layout, supports low-carbon emission requirements of batteries, and, in the end, adds value for customers.

The guests, customers, and media visit our products.
The guests visit our products
Our new automated production line.

Redway Power has consistently upheld the philosophy of “creating the safest and most reliable battery,” adhering to the stringent standards of the automotive industry, and taking “very serious” steps to produce 100% of its products.

Redway Power is anticipated to grow a larger production capacity to achieve greater efficiency, reduced carbon emissions, and more sustainable development based on the high recognition of consumers and the broad market demand.

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