About Us

About Us

Redway Power is a comprehensive and full-industrial-chain energy group that specializes in producing lithium-ion battery products and takes the lead in the industry of new and clean energy. Since our foundation, Redway Power has been dedicated to “bringing green power to the world” by providing outstanding energy services. Redway Power strives to be the most respected international clean energy group through innovations and our constant pursuit of excellence.

Since 2012, Redway Power has maintained a corporate philosophy that is characterized by entrepreneurship, innovation, competition, and transcendence. Today, Redway Power has established a solid foundation in the industry of lithium LiFePO4 and NCM batteries and has 2 production bases and 1 R&D Center in Shenzhen, Donguang and Sichuan. Redway Power began to formally deploy its Energy Storage Battery business in 2012. Taking Energy Storage Battery systems (cell, module, BMS, and PACK) as the core of the product, the upstream extends to key links such as mineral raw materials and battery cell, while the downstream extends to electric vehicles, energy storage battery, and industrial applications battery, forming a business blueprint for the integration of entire industry chain. With the integration and applied technology of lithium-ion battery energy storage, Redway devotes to energy power, network Energy, residential energy storage, and portable energy storage areas. The company is all for the purpose of meeting the diversified energy demands of customers, delivering integrated energy service solutions, such as lithium-ion battery energy storage products, smart hardware solutions, energy investment & operation etc.

Through years of development and with the efforts of an experienced international sales team in Shenzhen, Redway Power’s green lithium battery products have been sold to clients all over the world. On one hand, Redway Power has actively explored and upgraded its residential energy storage production lines and core equipment, and actively explored the available solutions for intelligent manufacturing and digital manufacturing in the new energy industry. On the other hand, it has committed to building an industrial Internet platform to accelerate enterprises’ digital transformation. Redway Power has established a testing service platform on enhancing product quality, extracting the generality technology in the industry, and participating in the national formulation of the industrial standard.

Redway Power has launched the talent strategy of “cultivation first, introduction second”to gather top talents in the industry to build an efficient and excellent management team. Courage to take responsibility and give back to society is Redway’s responsibility. Redway has always believed that “client’s satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.” Redway will unremittingly create an ecological platform for the new energy industry so that new energy can better serve humankind, and strive to make perfect products.

Industry leading organization providing Lithium based energy solutions

Redway Power is a Lithium based battery manufacturing factory backed up with top-notch R&D and is focused towards providing the Best Energy Storage Solutions to the world. As an OEM company, we adhere to our clients custom battery requirements and lead the industry as premium battery manufacturer.

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Production base area of 86,000 sq ft
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Over 10 Years of Research and Development, Production, Custom Lithium Battery

Cmmitted to Providing Cost-Effective Products and Perfect Solutions to Users around the World.

Rapid Prototyping and Mass Production

We offer rapid prototyping of battery packs including Testing, Evaluation and Troubleshooting as early as a week into the order. Being an OEM battery company, Redway Power can manufacture custom battery solutions for high backup and high power ratings with Private label (PL) options.

Unparalleled Expertise

When you become a Redway Power™ client, know that you have a talented team of experts behind you. Our team has been in the industry for 10+ years with over 15 years of combined battery experience. We only invest in people with the industry experience which is why we can say our technical know-how is truly unmatched.

Product Innovation

Today, the industry demands innovation that delivers unmatched power, performance, and life.  Redway Power™ LiFePO4 batteries accomplish this and surpass existing batteries in the market due to our focus on product development. We have one of the largest LiFePO4 product offerings available with 12V, 24V, 48V, 60V and 72V  batteries that power a range of applications.

Technology-Oriented Factory

Our engineering team works hand-in-hand with our own manufacturing facilities to ensure quality products that perform. Not only we are committed and able to deliver the best products, but we are proud to say our factory is ISO 9001:2015 certified. We offer full OEM services.

Performance with Peace of Mind

Not only Redway Power™ lithium batteries work hard, they’re an inherently safe chemistry and engineered with exclusive safety measures, including a state-of-the-art battery management system (BMS) that protects against over-charge, over-discharge, over temperature and short circuit conditions. At Redway Power™, safety is standard, so you never have to worry.

Technical Support Team

We are a full OEM service company with a team of customer service representatives and engineers offering 24/7 services, giving you quick and easy access when you need help. We understand the difficulties that our clients may encounter. So, we offer after sales services to our clients regarding installation, debugging and trouble shooting etc.

From a Start-up to One of the Leading Manufactures of Energy Storage Battery

Established in 2012, Redway Power has grown from a start-up to a global player. Today, over 200,000 families worldwide rely on Redway Power energy storage battery. The high quality and reliability, the smart BMS units, and the long-life rechargeable battery are now providing energy storage solutions in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia too.

Redway Power Factory View

Redway Power™ features 27 automatic production lines, more than 50 R&D personnel, and more than 200 staff spread across a 78,667㎡ area.