R&D Capability

Our Vision

To become a top lithium battery corporation governed by technical leadership, innovative products and to yield creative contributions to the lithium battery industry worldwide.

Engineering Team

World’s top class lithium batteries are developed by our strong team of engineers, who combine Redway Power’s and JOINSUN’s years of system knowledge in Lithium battery development , R&D and manufacturing expertise.

Comprehensive R&D Capabilities from Battery Cell to Energy Storage System

Redway Power addresses the fundamental technologies that make up the whole value chain of the battery production, including global advancements in battery cell and module design, robust manufacturing quality control, battery big data capabilities, and the capacity to create intelligent BMS.

Technology-Oriented Factory

Our engineering team works hand-in-hand with our own manufacturing facilities to ensure quality products that perform. Not only we are committed and able to deliver the best products, but we are proud to say our factory is ISO 9001:2015 certified. We offer full OEM services.

Performance with Peace of Mind

Not only Redway Powerâ„¢ lithium batteries work hard, they’re an inherently safe chemistry and engineered with exclusive safety measures, including a state-of-the-art battery management system (BMS) that protects against over-charge, over-discharge, over temperature and short circuit conditions. At Redway Powerâ„¢, safety is standard, so you never have to worry.

Technical Support Team

We are a full OEM service company with a team of customer service representatives and engineers offering 24/7 services, giving you quick and easy access when you need help. We understand the difficulties that our clients may encounter. So, we offer after sales services to our clients regarding installation, debugging and trouble shooting etc.

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Our lithium battery engineers typically reply within 6 hrs.